About our hotel



A luxurious retreat conveniently located in Szarvas, - the geographical centre of the historical Hungary -, just 170 kms from downtown Budapest, the Liget Wellness and Conference Hotel**** is the pinnacle of peace and tranquillity.
The Liget restaurant celebrating traditional Hungarian and eclectic-innovative food and wine, focusing on local ingredients and specialties.


Sights in Szarvas and its surroundings


Hungary’s largest Arboretum occupies a total of 82 acres. It lies on the shores of River Körös. Earl Pál Bolza began a large scale planting at the end of the 1880s. Az a result, meny rare species of plants were brought here from around the world. The unique collection of arboreal plants of Arboretum comprises of more than 1600 types of plants. This harmonius garden and its vell-kept lawn provide an exhilarating experience for nature-loving visitors especially at the time of spring blooming.


Services for children


Most of our rooms can be added with 1 or maximum 2 spare beds. We can put mobile cots for babies to be comfortable for the all family. Our hotel has 2 family suites for 4 people which is suitable for 2 adults and 2 older children. On demand it is equipped with spare beds. We have 4 connecting rooms with 2 separete double room, they have a common door.

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