Thermal water of the Liget Wellness Hotel in Szarvas

Liget Wellness és Konferencia Hotel**** SzarvasThe water supply of the Liget Wellness and Conference Hotel**** is ensured by the Hotel's own thermal water well of 670 m depth. The temperature of its water is 41.8 °C. The thermal water of this deep well has been qualified to be medicinal water by the National Medical Office and the National Health Resort and Spa Directorate in their decree No. 291-8/OTH/2010.

Chemical type of medicinal water: sodium-bicarbonate water

Total dissolved solid mineral content of water: 1352 mg/l

Biologically active components of water:

The thermal water of the Liget Wellness Hotel**** is recommended for the curing of gynaecological complaints, dermatological problems and joint diseases.

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