The wellness serving on tensile hotel's palette today already can be found the wellness gastronomy, since the correct nourisment belongs into the healthy lifestyle. To the perfect realisation of the philosophy of the wellness and to conserve our health, the correct nourisment is essential condition.
For the balanced and optimal work of our organism the necessary input of vitamins and minerals we can bought ourselves over the dishes, which rich in nutritive value and nutrients. The basic of everything the forming of the balanced diet, to which the hotel's chef provides help with pleasure.

The hotel offers hungarian and international food and beverage supply, dietary and reform cuisine, and a cosy bar.
We strive for it, that our guest's recreation, refreshment, rebirth with the possible healthiest and tastiest foods let us help it or make it full one.
Our restaurant bless enphazised attention to the healthy nourishment, the menu is suitable for all the vegetarians and the guests who like reform cuisine or want to take care of their shape.
Every morning all of our dear guest can choose tradition or wellness breakfast, so they can start the day healthy and with full of energy.

We wish all of our guest a good appetite!

Let me introduce our menu card: http://ligetszarvas.hu/en/menu

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