Active recreation in Hotel Liget

Liget Wellness és Konferencia Hotel**** SzarvasSports, exercise, fitness

On the area of our hotel several sports fields and a number of sports equipment are located, which serve the guests who want to enjoy active recreation. Below you can read what these facilities are and how they can be used.

Table tennis

Next to the playground, on the grassy area you will find the ping-pong table. The rackets and balls can be asked for at the spa reception or lifeguard. The service is free of charge.

Liget Wellness és Konferencia Hotel**** Szarvas


If you can, rent a bike and explore the area. You will not be disappointed. Bicycles can be rented at the wellness reception.

Bicycle 800 HUF/hour 4.000 HUF/day
New bicycle 1.000 HUF/hour 5.000 HUF/day
E-bike 2.200 HUF/hour 7.500 HUF/4 hours 11.000 HUF/day


The skittles are at the shore next to the Pier Bar. The rules and tools of the game are at the site. The service is free of charge!

Fitness room

In the parquet floor conditioning gym located in the Magnolia House you can exercise on power gym equipment and cardio-equipment. The service is free of charge.

Liget Wellness és Konferencia Hotel**** SzarvasSwimming

In our hotel there is an indoor hot water fun pool with a children’s pool and there is an outdoor pool as well.

As the Hotel is on the bank of the horseshoe lake Holt-Körös, the natural water lovers can delight the marvellous landscape from the water of the horseshoe lake and enjoy the soft embrace of the water from spring to autumn.


Located at the bank of the horseshoe lake our hotel offers excellent facilities for angling in a quiet setting with fed angling sites.


One of the popular running tracks in Szarvas leads through the Elizabeth Park, next to the Liget Hotel. The Park is a unique place to enjoy nature and do some physical exercise. The track is 1,15 kilometer long and covered with Tartan.

Sport equipment for hire

Prices (HUF)
2-3 person canoe 2.000,-/hour 8.000,-/day
4 person canoe 2.000,-/hour 8.000,-/day
SUP 2.000,-/hour 8.000,-/day
1 person kayak 2.000,-/hour 8.000,-/day
2 person kayak 2.500,-/hour 10.000,-/day
Padle boat 2.000,-/hour 8.000,-/day
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