Sauna world

Our guests can enjoy the special services of our completely renewed sauna world in the hotel building!

Finnish sauna

Liget Wellness és Konferencia Hotel**** SzarvasOur new Finnish sauna offers a wonderful view of the Körös, so our guests can enjoy not only the beneficial effects of the warm air, but also the wonders of nature while in the sauna.

The Finnish sauna is the most popular in Europe. In the sauna the refreshing effect of sweating is provided by high temperature (about 90 - 100°C) and the low humidity (6-15%). In the sauna the blood vessels are enlarged-narrowed, so increases the immunity of the body and helps the detoxication. It has good effect on the heart and the blood circulation as well.


Herbal cabin

Liget Wellness és Konferencia Hotel**** SzarvasThe herbal cabin takes traditional holistic treatment to a new level. Traditional Finnish-type saunas are widespread and their effects on health are proven, but if you want a truly special and more complex experience, then trying a herbal cabin can be a hit. Medicinal cabins have a centuries-old history and are extremely popular in the Far East, especially in Thailand, Cambodia and Burma. The herbs used here are specific to the country in question.

In the wellness centers of Western countries, you can find herbs from the Far East, as well as domestic plants and flowers. Lavender and chamomile are particularly popular. These herbs do not need to be introduced to anyone, as their medicinal effects make them known worldwide. In the design of the herbal cabins, herb containers and bouquets are placed in the interior, and the right temperature and humidity help the flow of essential oils.

The plants tied in a bouquet contain different proportions of different types of plant stems, flowers and leaves. The spa therapist of the wellness department takes care of the appropriate composition. The temperature of the herbal saunas is a pleasant 45-50°C. In addition to adults enjoying good health, children and the elderly can also enjoy the health-preserving, calming and stress-relieving effect of herbs for hours.

A well-thought-out, professionally designed herbal cabin is not just an empty decoration or a loud marketing ploy, but a wellness experience with a higher level of healing effect for all guests. Thus, where we also find therapeutic herbal saunas in addition to the traditional Finnish sauna, we can be sure that we will be part of a well-thought-out, higher-level service.


Bio sauna

Liget Wellness és Konferencia Hotel**** Szarvas

In the bio sauna, also known as the aroma therapy sauna, the air in the room at different temperatures and humidity is scented with various plant essential oils. Essential oils exert their beneficial effects on the body when inhaled and absorbed through the skin. When inhaled, some essential oils make breathing easier and help regenerate the airways. Using the bio sauna, essential oils can affect people's mood, cognitive, psychological and physical state. It can have a calming or refreshing effect. The most commonly used essential oils include peppermint, lavender, citrus, eucalyptus, jasmine, chamomile, sage, pine, tea tree, verbena, ylang-ylang, rosemary. Temperature: around 50-60 degrees.


In the aroma cabin and the bio sauna essential oils or herbal extracts are "injected" into the cabin at certain intervals, so please do not watering the stove! These can not only have a beneficial effect on our mood, but can also help, for example, to clear the airways and strengthen the immune system.


Steam cabin

The temperature in the steam cabin is lower ("only" around 45-50 degrees), but the humidity is higher than in traditional saunas and can reach 100 percent. In the steam, we can sweat more gently, the body's resistance improves, and detoxification also increases.


Outdoor sauna house

Liget Wellness és Konferencia Hotel**** Szarvas


The outdoor sauna house is avaiable for a private use. For more details and appointment please contact the wellness reception!

Private sauna is available from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm.

Price: 15.000,- HUF/ 90 minutes




Sauna Séance - for the sauna to become a real experience

The Sauna Séance evokes the “spirit” of a good atmosphere and well-being, at the dry sauna.

During each Sauna Séance, the sauna expert is in the sauna with the guests, to gradually heat the cabin by aromatic fill-ups applied to the heater, this providing for the acclimatisation of our Guests. The sauna expert aims to provide personal ventilation, by stirring the hot air with the help of a sauna flag and towel.
In addition thereto, the sauna expert tries to answer all questions related to the sauna experience, and he/she also supervises the sauna section and controls that each guest complies with the rules of the proper and hygienic use of the sauna.
The Sauna Séances are also different from the traditional use of the sauna in that thanks to the sauna expert, there is cheerful conversation ongoing at the Sauna Séance® events. The consecutive programmes are more and more “powerful”.

Each programme lasts max. 12-15 minutes, but anyone who feels that they would like to end their stay in the sauna can just leave anytime. This is followed by cooling off, and the relaxation.

Sauna seance - Price: 1.000,- HUF/person/occasion

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