Salt cave

The healing salt

Liget Wellness és Konferencia Hotel**** SzarvasThe walls and floors of the salt caves of the Liget Hotel were exclusively constructed using the Dead Sea salt. Air humidity within the cave is 45%, which is rich in minerals with a high concentration of saturated ions, thus, every breath you take will foster healing in a natural way. The peculiarity of the Dead Sea salt is that it is abundant in minerals as well as trace elements due to the desert climate and the air humidity.

Make yourself comfortable in one of the relax beds, and let light therapy and tender music relax your whole body.

Opening hours: 8:00-20:00

The use of the salt cave is free of charge for our hotel guests, but subject to a reservation. Therefore, please contact the wellness reception to make an appointment.

For our external guests (only when using the salt cave):

Duration: 40 min.

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